Early help and working together

Early help arrangements are currently under review, with new arrangements with the creation of the Early Help Access Point taking place in April 2021. As such there will be a transition period between January and March 2021 whilst we bring online the Targeted Early Help Service and the Early Help Access Point.

During this transition period, some of the functionality previously provided by the Integrated Working Team will no longer be available and this team will no longer be in place.

Please see below for summary of the changes that will take place with effect from 4 January 2021.

  • You should continue to use early help processes as outlined in the framework for action during this transition period
  • Early help assessments, updated versions and plans should be submitted to the usual email BoltonISA@bolton.gov.uk. It is essential that when submitting child action reviews, you ensure the EHA has been submitted. This ensures effective version control
  • Requests to close Early Help Assessments should be submitted to the email address as above
  • Enquiries to check if an early help assessment is currently open should also be submitted using the email above. You will be notified if there is an open EHA, and if there is, you will be provided with details for the lead professional
  • The integrated working team are no longer able to take calls regarding early help assessment queries. The telephone numbers previously used will no longer be in use for early help queries
  • If you require advice or guidance relating to early help interventions or resources, please contact BoltonISA@bolton.gov.uk and a member of the targeted early help team will contact you
  • Where a child is transitioning between services, the existing lead professional should seek consent from the family to share the EHA with the new service(s)
  • Lists of open early help assessments will no longer be provided to individual agencies detailing their early help assessments. Services and agencies will need to make their own arrangements to track the early help assessments they undertake
  • Checks for children's social care involvement during this transition period will not undertaken

Thank you for your cooperation during our transitional period and for your continued support as work together to further strengthen our early help offer for Bolton's children and families.