S175/157 Self-assessment Toolkit

About the safeguarding self-assessment

The Section 175/157 self-assessment is comprised of an ‘Introduction’ plus three distinct Parts.  Each ‘Part’ includes a number of related ‘Sections’, with each Section containing a series of related ‘Statements’.

Within each section, an 'Action Planning Points' area is provided – this area is provided for school use when considering actions and next steps based upon your self-assessed grade (for example, if you deemed your ‘Statement’ response as ‘Partially Met’, the 'Action Planning Points' area can be used to identify how you may intend to address this aspect).

S175/157 Completion Guide

To support your setting through the completion of your online S175/S157 safeguarding self-assessment, a dedicated guidance document has been developed.

S175/157 Self-assessment Guidance