Bolton Safeguarding Children Partnership - Network Bites

Network Bites

As part of the BSCP’s priority to promote working together and sharing good practice we are making some short Network Bite sessions avialable.These sessions focus on individual agencies and subject areas from key partners.

The aim is for staff from any agency to be able to familiarise themselves with good practice that takes place in Bolton to support Children’s safeguarding, detailing what help can be resourced, the pathways to access services, key contacts, as well as increasing overall knowledge.

Network Bite 4 -Community Learning Disability Team (Adults)

The Community Learning Disability Team play a crucial role in the transition of children to adult servcies and the imapct of parents or carers who have learning disabilities and their children.

As part of the wider safeguarding provision in Bolton they provide an integrated multi-disciplinary health and social care team who work together to provide specialist health and social care services for adults with learning disabilities from the age of 18 including:

  • Social Workers and Community Assessment Officers
  • Nurses / Nursing assistants
  • Physiotherapists and a Technical Instructor
  • Psychologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech and Language Therapy

Network Bite 3 - Behaviour Support Service and Early Intervention Service

In this “Network Bite” from the Behaviour Support Service and the Early Intervention Service, you will receive an insight into the provision offered by these services and the range of support and enforcement mechanisms available.

The Behaviour Support service works closely with schools and families to support children who have social, emotional or mental health difficulties; predominantly focused on reducing disruptive behaviour in schools.

In addition the service provides:

  • Strategies and interventions for supporting children with Social Emotional Mental Health issues including training, class room observations and reports
  • Basic dyslexia screening for pupils in schools
  • Direct one-to-one and groupwork with children, and parenting support and training

The Early Intervention Service works to ensure children of compulsory school-age have access to suitable, full-time education. The service is primarily responsible for the investigation of irregular attendance and ensuring parents fulfil their responsibilities around education.

In addition the service provides:

  • Targeted keyworker support to the most vulnerable children and families
  • Safeguarding visits to children who are subject to a Child Protection plan when they are absent from school
  • Licensing of children involved in entertainment, modelling and employment, and registration of Chaperones


Network Bite 2 - Children and Young People’s Mental Health

Bolton has a vast selection of services and support available.

In this “Network Bite” staff from the Mental Health Services, including CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), outline what's available locally.

There are national requirements to increase access to mental health interventions and these are implemented via Bolton Bolton’s Local Transformation Plan for Children and Young People’s Mental Health – 2021/22 Refresh.

This Network Bite gives information on:

  • the simplified access to mental health support
  • how to also access support to Parents and Carers
  • coordinated Information process
  • sign-posting to mental health training
  • the steps being taken to reduce stigma including the use of I-thrive
  • Services available and access to CAMHS


Network Bite 1 - Children’s Social Care

Children’s Social care is at the centre of our safeguarding processes and procedures.  

It is essential we know what is available for our families and children. In this “Network Bite” Emma Coxon, Principle Social Worker for Bolton, talks through the resources and services available in Children’s Social Care. The presentation includes:

  • Departments and roles within Children’s Social Care
  • Pathways and support available including targeted help and early help.
  • Overview of the Bolton Family Framework Model
  • How Children's Social Care work with other agencies